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Cyber Mission



Cyber threats continue to grow and organizations must become more proactive and vigilant in protecting their enterprises. Miracle Systems offers a deep understanding of Federal cyber practices, as well as initiatives aimed at improving cybersecurity both within and out of the Federal Government. Our approach brings specialized tools, innovative techniques, and emerging trends to aid agencies in protecting their cyber vulnerabilities and improving their posture.  Miracle Systems’ Cyber mission capabilities include:    

  • Network Security 

  • Enterprise Resiliency and Reliability

  • Evaluation and Assessment

  • Certification and Accreditation

  • Security Risk Management

  • Forensic Analysis 

Miracle in Action

Miracle Systems supports the cybersecurity of critical defense weapons systems through the management of our client’s network and systems. We conduct vulnerability assessments, cyber forensic analysis, and system security audits and reviews. Our technical experts respond and resolve cyber incidents and help document cybersecurity policies and improve our clients’ resiliency. To ensure fully operational weapons, our team assesses and defines network requirements in support of future requirements and weapons capabilities. Additionally, we help plan for and deploy new technologies (hardware and software), performance, capacity, availability, serviceability and recoverability.

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