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Financial Consulting



Miracle Systems provides the full-scope of financial accounting and financial management support. Our team of accountants, financial and data analysts, and budget experts bring extensive experience supporting budget and financial activities across the Federal Government. Our clients depend on us to ensure timely and accurate financial statements and reporting. Our support includes streamlining financial processes, quality assurance, and the development of tools to enable informed decision making. Through our support and expertise, our clients have achieved error-free audits, on-time payroll, and balanced budgets.   

  • Budget Development, Justification, and Execution: Miracle Systems supports the entire budgeting cycle, providing the necessary documentation, analysis, reconciliation, and reporting to ensure a sound budget.    

  • Financial Reporting: Miracle Systems is well-versed in the development and approval processes required to effectively report on an agency’s financial activities to variety of stakeholders (OMB, Congress, GAO).   

  • Accounting: Miracle Systems offers accountants experienced in the federal space from account reconciliations, to preparing journal entries, to property, plan, and equipment (PP&E) accounting.    

  • Financial Systems Development, Operation, and Maintenance: Miracle Systems supports critical financial systems and software from inception to updates to ensure timely and accurate financial processes. 

  • Audit and Compliance: Miracle Systems uses our expert understanding of federal financial requirements to assist organizations in achieving compliance and error-free audits. 


Our team brings an understanding of financial operations of over 20 federal agencies and is prepared to help your organization mature its financial activities. 

Miracle in Action

Our financial and budget experts support a large  organization supporting new and existing Federal building operations across the Federal Government. We analyze, design, and implement accounting system procedures for complex accounting transactions in accordance with standards and policies, including travel management activities. Furthermore, we support monitoring of transactions and entries in the organization's financial systems, classifying accounting transactions, maintaining and reconciling accounts, performing account close out procedures, preparing reports and statements, analyzing accounting data, and examining accounts. Through our support, Miracle Systems provides our client financial security in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) guidelines and standards set forth by the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board.

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