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PMO Support

Program Management


Effective program management transforms organizations and enterprises, providing standards, processes, policies, and resources that enable efficiencies and mission impact. We bring the understanding and tools to effectively plan, control, execute, and accomplish strategic objectives. Our approach is rooted in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) and provides adaptability and flexibility to organizational needs. Our team offers expertise in several functional areas and recognizes the relationships and inter-dependencies across program management functions. 

  • Communications and Outreach: Miracle Systems leverages multiple channels to provide timely and coordinated communications to stakeholders with a consistent message.  

  • Strategic Planning: Miracle Systems works with executive leadership and staff to visualize strategic goals and objectives, aligning programmatic activities and resources to realize its strategic plan. 

  • Stakeholder Engagement: Miracle Systems engages both internal and external stakeholders across the government and private industry, gathering input, building consensus, and achieving goals.  

  • Performance Management: Miracle Systems develops a culture of performance management that focuses on indicators of success and achieving strategic plans and objectives.

  • Policy Development: Miracle Systems works with stakeholders to develop organizational and mission-based policies to achieve strategic objectives. 

  • Business Processing: Miracle Systems develops and refines business processes to create organizational change and improvements. 

  • Executive Administration: Miracle Systems supports executive and program leadership, ensuring proper documentation, scheduling, meeting logistics, and reporting. 


Our experts can tailor our approach to fit your program management needs to facilitate meaningful change and impact to your organization.

Miracle in Action

Miracle Systems provides program management support services across multiple programs and initiatives to improve efficiencies and effectiveness to identify potential threats to the nation’s transportation system and critical infrastructure. Our team develops and implements optimization and operational improvements through program analysis, risk analysis, and the implementation of organizational, procedural, and policy changes. We assist our clients in formulating and operationalizing strategic plans, communications plan, and outreach to Federal stakeholders, Congress, airlines, and passengers. Through our support, our clients have achieved enterprise initiatives, operational efficiencies, and intelligence-driven protection of our transportation system from terrorism and other threats.

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