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Training Services



Miracle Systems has exceptional experience successfully leveraging adult learning models, instructional systems design techniques, training technologies, and deep subject matter expertise to create and deliver a wide range of learning and training solutions in support of Federal and global organizations. Our tailored active learning approach, incorporating elements such as hands on exercises and capstone projects, results in high-quality training courses that expand knowledge, skills, abilities, tools and techniques that can be immediately applied by students to improve individual and organizational performance outcomes.  Miracle Systems’ learning and training team have strong expertise and focus on strengthening antiterrorism, law enforcement and emergency response capabilities both domestically and internationally.  Our learning and training support expertise capabilities include:

  • Curriculum Content Development

  • Instructional Systems Design 

  • Instruction and Training Delivery – Classroom, Online, and Hybrid

  • Mentoring and Train the Trainer 

  • Learning/Content Management System Support

  • Course Delivery Management and Logistics 

  • Course Evaluation and Feedback

Miracle in Action

Miracle Systems provides full-lifecycle learning and training services in support of a Federal sponsored program that hones strategic leadership and critical thinking for executives involved with multi-jurisdictional, national, and international homeland security and emergency management policy development and decision-making. We design and deliver curricula, leveraging academic and practitioner subject-matter experts, specifically tailored for executive leadership to fulfill emergency management mission needs.  As part of our active learning approach we coordinate support for course capstone group projects by providing coaching and mentoring. In addition, Miracle Systems maintains a collaboration site to support learning and collaboration, and conducts final evaluations for each course.

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